What are the major differences between wpa_supplicant found on a Debian Linux distribution and that wpa_supplicant found on android?

PS: please apology if the question is too generic


In Android, wpa_supplicant deamon, wpa_cli and libwpa_client library are generated from wpa_supplicant external project found in aosp_root/external/wpa_supplicant; being in the "external" folder means that it was taken as is from another project (means wasn't Androidized in any way). so I think there are no differeneces at all.

Also the README file found in the project says that it can work on all distros based on linux kernel.

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    Can you then explain why wpa keys from Android don't work on Debian? (WRONG_KEY) – Aloha Jan 22 '18 at 10:22

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