I was silly enough to uninstall my android 4.2.1 stock launcher and instead, installed nova launcher. I works 100% but this one annoying message keeps popping up every 5 seconds saying that the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped, so I looked at why, came to the conclusion that a factory reset would solve that. now I was wondering whether a factory reset would boot to nova launcher? I have a feeling that it will but I wasn't sure so I am just asking.

thank you for all answers.


Factory reset will wipe all user apps, thus if you installed Nova regularly (not as a system app), then it will be gone, and after the reset you will be greeted by the default launcher. If there isn't one and USB debugging is not enabled (very likely), you're stuck.

At this moment you should definitely install a launcher (Nova or whatever) as a system app to prevent the worst case.


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