I accidentally disabled my google app, and therefore the search bar widget disappeared. Since then there are NO "google search" widgets available at all... Any ideas? I have a galaxy s7

  • Disabled the Google app where? – New-To-IT Jan 10 '17 at 22:35

Answer is Samsung-centric since the device is a Galaxy S7 (Other devices most likely similar).

If you truly just disabled the app, you can re-enable it from the Apps Manager in the right-most tab/column labelled either 'Turned Off' or 'Disabled' or something similar. Re-select the app, select 'Enable'.

Once re-enabled, return to the place you would like it and hard-press on the screen until the opportunity to select 'Widgets' appears. Select and place.

Possibly another option: the appearance could be Launcher-controlled (like Nova). In this case, select the settings or options of the Launcher and re-enable the Google app.


Google Search bar widget:

Go to Settings -> Apps -> Google App.

Select Storage, and Select Manage space

In the google search storage page, select clear all data.

If you are using Google Now launcher, now on clicking home button, your home screen will resets.

If any other launcher, Google search is now available on widget list, add to home from list. ( Similarly, Other Google widgets are also now become available )

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