Chromecast and a few other devices have the following behavior.

Upon either first start or (I want to do) when known wifi APs are not present, they host a Hotspot which can be connected to from your phone to configure it, possibly to setup the AP that it should connect to.

I would like to replicate this on an android stick I have.

Usecase: I take the android stick on holiday, and I plug it into Hotel TV, but I cant control it, necessitating me to bring along my remote.

I am hoping I can set it up so that it can, in that case, host its own wifi, so that I can connect to it and either operate it from there, or configure the hotel wifi and switch to that. I have limitless remote for controlling the stick once wifi is connected.

Tl;Dr Is there an app/way (can be root only) which I can autorun on my tv stick which checks if there is a known hotspot, and if not it hosts its own Wifi hotspot so I can connect directly to it.

I cant have it just permanently do this because I also use it regularly at home, where I do not want this behaviour.

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