I use AdAway to modify my hosts file with quite a few aggressive sources. Unfortunately when my filters are active I can't see any channel or user pictures in the YouTube app. I can't figure out what hostname(s) I need to whitelist to fix this.

I've tried using the tcpdump log to add a bunch of Google/YouTube hostnames but this hasn't worked and I don't understand why. Any help would be appreciated.


I finally resolved this on my own. After lots of DNS logging I found the necessary. hostnames.

  • s.youtube.com
  • s.ytimg.com
  • youtubei.googleapis.com
  • yt3.ggpht.com
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    Which are? Others may benefit from your list... – Michael Kohne Jan 16 '17 at 20:26
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    I certainly hope so – Jesse Jan 16 '17 at 20:37
  • brilliant! i had installed adaway on a rooted galaxy s3 running 4.3, and the audio on youtube videos was either gone, or sounded garbled. (youtube's ads had perfect audio) i whitelisted the 4 entries you discovered, and youtube audio is back. – B R Feb 20 '17 at 3:22

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