I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. A few weeks ago, my video camera stopped working. Every time I press the video button, the following message appears:

Security Policy prevents video recording

I have tried every recommendation, but I am still seeing this notice.

How can I get rid of this issue to record again?

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    Do you have an Exchange or corporate email account on your device? – acejavelin Jan 12 '17 at 2:23
  • @AbandonedCart AFAIK, the Security Policy will prevent the feature completely, so I don't think it's possible to get rid of the notification and record a video without disabling/bypassing the policy altogether. But fair point, perhaps there's a way to do it without disabling it. – Andrew T. Jan 7 at 2:07
  • @AndrewT. Even so, it should be left to the person answering to decide if that is the best route to take without changing the question to ask for it. 90% of the time a question seems to have such an obvious process, that is the process that was already tried and failed. – Abandoned Cart Jan 7 at 2:43

A Security Policy can come from a few different sources, so it depends on where yours originated.

If it is a company device, you may not have any options without asking for permission.

If you have a Microsoft Exchange account, you would likely need to remove the account.

If it is your personal device and you do not have an Exchange account:

  • Go to Settings -> More -> Application Manager (or Settings -> Apps on Samsung)
  • Select the All item
  • Scroll down and tap on Security Policy Update
  • Press Force Quit
  • Press Clear Data
  • Restart your phone

Credit for this process goes to skippybosco's reply on reddit

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