My employer gave me the Galaxy Tab. I am using it as a mobile access point (Wi-Fi) connection for my home computer. I do not have other internet access.

I would like to know if my employer can monitor my internet activity (see my email, visit sites I have visited, etc.) ?


This depends completely on their mobile plan and how they have set up the tablet. AFAIK, most internet tethering apps do not collect activity, but theoretically their mobile provider could be monitoring the activity on their connection and reporting it back to your employer. However, there are too many factors here to give you a definitive answer.


Most probably there's no surveillance.
Android's corporate device management support is still in its infancy.

In case you got it pre-setup'ed for you you can wipe/factory reset it. You're then sure you got rid of whatever setup was done by anyone after the tablet has been bought.

But before you do this:

  • Check for device management software.
    Settings -> Security -> Device administrators.
    You could look for stuff like mobile iron (used to enforce policies and monitor installed apps and such on company owned or BYOD phones/tablets).

  • Check for a configured VPN connection.
    Settings -> wireless&networks -> more -> VPN.
    Your company might have set up a VPN that routes all traffic including tethered traffic through company servers. Monitoring could be done there then.

  • Check for a Microsoft Exchange profile.
    This can only be used to remote-wipe your tablet, there are however no further options for device management and monitoring.


AFAIK, from the employer side, he can know the amount of traffic you've spend, if your using a data plan, but not where you spend it.

A data plan provider would have to violate some privacy rules/laws to collect such information.

  • I don't think the OP meant measuring traffic volume but looking for surfing habits and general spying on emails, chat, torrenting and such... – ce4 Sep 11 '12 at 8:03
  • @ce4 My last paragraph then! I'll switch it to the top :) – Zuul Sep 11 '12 at 8:04

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