I'm a system administrator for a school division, and we are upgrading our Wi-Fi network. Is there a way that I can map the strength of the Wi-Fi signal at different places inside a building (where GPS does not work)?

I have used some stumblers -- Wi-Fi Analyzer and Meraki Wi-Fi Stumbler -- and those really do most of what I need, but I'd really like to see things on a map. I've tried some standard wardriving applications -- such as WiGLE Wi-Fi Wardriving and Wi-Fi Map Maker - Free -- and they just don't really work without a GPS coordinate.

I'd be more than happy to snap a photo of a building map and indicate where I am at different places and be able to see, say, a heat-map of the signal strength (and better still if I could see if by BSSID). I'd also be find with using the phone as a collection device and analyzing the data later on the computer.

Is there a way to map the Wi-Fi signal strength at different places in the buildings I'm providing Wi-Fi service to?

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Did you try WiFi Mapper?


You could try "WiFi Maps Light" for Android, available for free in Google Play.

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