I have an older tablet Motorola Xoom Wifi (MZ 604). The tablet stopped working suddenly (while playing a game on it) and it cannot be restarted now. I have tried step described on Motorola XOOM MZ604 hard reset:

  • I have tried soft reset (Volume Up + Power), this brings the Motorola logo but nothing more.
  • I was able to enter "wipe data/factory reset" option, but the reset did not finish
  • I am able to enter a fastboot mode, however no matter what I have tried, I do not see any tools on the PC to connect to the device (or even to list it)

Now before I declare the tablet dead, I would like to try fix it using fastboot. What should I install on my PC (Windows 10 x64) so that I can communicate with the device?

Most guides I have seen want me to install Motorola Drivers from locations like Motorola Support, when clicking through the links, all I get are messages like "File not found" or 404 errors. If I need any drivers, are there any generic drivers I could use?

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Driver: Motorola End User Driver Installation - choose 64-bit.

Fastboot binary: Minimal ADB and Fastboot - Google now does have an "official" package, but it's unintuitive to install and use, so this one is still recommended.

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