I have a folder with a bunch of Viber (the communication app) Push To Talk audio files, in a PTT folder.

They are from conversations between myself and my partner, who passed away a year ago. They were on a phone (Moto G 2nd Gen) that had a dead battery that I couldn't fix but somehow managed to resurrect itself last night after I charged it nonstop for 4 weeks. I was overjoyed and found my conversation with her in tact. However after browsing it a bit, as soon as I connected my old phone to the internet (I was planning to backup the conversation to my google drive), it seemed to overwrite my conversation with her, possibly as I have Viber installed on my newer phone (Moto G 3rd Gen) that I have been using for the last year. I now only get the 'Welcome to Viber' message when I open the app. Surely the entire conversation wasn't deleted in that split second? I see that viber has 404mb taking up the misc folder but I think that is mostly images (which I have saved)/ It could be in the cache but not sure how to access that.

So anyway, I find myself trying to salavage both the text messages and the audio files. I can't find the text messages so I fear they were immediately deleted when my phone synced. However I salvaged the PTT folder and I need to try and find a way to play these files outside of Viber, or convert them. Anything! There are over a thousand of these files of our voices. I need to hear her voice again.

I mailed Viber support but no luck there so far (though I'm still waiting for their latest reply).

It's so frustrating to have this surface after a year and then lose it again in the same evening.

Any help appreciated (and that is an understatement) with how to play or convert these push to talk files or locate the text messages.


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