Ok so I have a samsung galixy note 0.8 and whenever I hold the home button to see what tabs are open a message comes up saying that my com.android.systemui is not responding. My screen goes black for a second but I can still see my apps. Then it shuts off and turns back on. This started yesterday.


I had the same on my Samsung Note, I deleted google from my Note and that's the trick. Google probably needs to fix a bug in the last update, but until now it is not fixed yet.

This app see in the link below


same for me on my Note 8.0

rolling back Google App fixes it but even though I have disabled auto updates at PlayStore it still then reupdates and re-occurs. Interestingly this only happens when the device is in Portrait orientation. When it is in Landscape it is fine

Note 8.0 GT-N5120 Android 4.4.2 Baseband N5120XXDNE4

Google App

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