After I upgraded my system on my Meizu MX5, I see no option in Google App to turn on Ok Google detection from outside the app (Settings > Voice > "Ok Google" detection > and here I have only From the Google app).

In Google support website I see that "For certain devices, you can also change some settings to turn on "Ok Google" detection outside the Google app".

So what are these "certain devices"? I have Android version 5.1. Why can't I use Ok Google from outside the app although I could use it before updating my system?


I opened an issue here: OK Google options missing


"certain devices" = devices that meet the requirements (eg. android version)

Now to your problem. It could have many reasons. I assume it's a bug in the Google App. The Samsung Galaxy S6 had the same problem after a system update because of battery saving settings. Google fixed that. I suspect that some battery saving related settings changed with the system update and now the google voice is no longer available outside the google app. I recommend you to contact google support to solve this issue.

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