I have a Chuwi Hi8 Pro and I don't use the Windows side, so I deleted the Windows partitions to get more space following this tutorial - Chuwi Forums - [Other] How to Delete Windows Partitions with GParted. But when I went to resize the Android data partition, it won't let me. It goes

/dev/mmcblk09 android_data          
/dev/mmcblk10 android_persistent    
/dev/mmcblk11 android_config         
/dev/mmcblk12 android_efi_system partition   
unallocated  17.78gb   

I'd post a screenshot but I can't figure out how to save one to USB while in GParted.

How to give the data partition the rest of the unallocated space?

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Since it once ran Windows it must be based on Intel x86. Get a Windows again, preferrably a Windows To Go. Get AOMEI Partition Assistant Windows PE Edition. Move other partitions one by one so that the android-userdata partition (not android_data) is adjacent to the unallocated space. Turn to gparted and merge the partition with free space.

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