I'm trying to access Linux Deploy, Kali Linux via a VNC Client on my Android phone. I could access it but I get a blank screen.


Here is what to do:

Use Mobile SSH or Termux to get to a virtual terminal.



While in terminal, install xrdp

sudo apt-get install xrdp

Use Juice on your Android to get graphical screen access.


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  • When I use sudo I get "No command 'sudo' found, did you mean: Command 'sum' from package 'coreutils' ..." But when I enter, apt-get install xrdp I get "E: Unable to locate package xrdp" – KaiChong_Wong Jan 26 '17 at 17:25
  • Something is wrong with the setup. sudo is built-in like whoami, and if you get an error when you put in apt-get install xrdp then there is likely something wrong with your repository files. btw, If you can run apt-get install xrdp then you don't need the sudo command. You're logged in as root. No problem there. But it should be able to find xrdp. I have done this a dozen times and it always works. Can you consider a clean install? If you do, then you will still want to install xrdp and use Juice to access the GUI from Android. – SDsolar Jan 26 '17 at 21:31

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