I got a little toast pop up just now saying "hello world, PMEasyView!" I just woke up my phone, was in the SugarSync app. I haven't recently installed anything except from the Android Market and Amazon market; nothing named like PM Easy View.

The wording sounds like something I would have written in a development Android app. I don't see any unusual running processes or apps, so I'm wondering if it's dummy code from a real app I own, but I was hoping someone knew for sure. I'm having Lookout scan my phone now.

All I found on this topic was this thread which has no answers.


The system app, PerformanceManager.apk has the line Hello World, PMEasyView! in the resources.arsc file. This does not appear to be malware, just a mistake that this appears to some users with the Motorola Task / Performance Manager.

  • Hm, it is a Motorla phone; that may well be it! – Ben Brocka Oct 1 '12 at 17:01
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It's likely to be a debugging message from a program you've installed that the programmer forgotten to remove. If you want to seek which program that does it; you can try to copy all installed applications (android apps are installed from market are in /data/app/, pre-installed apps are in /system/app/), unzip them (an .apk is basically a zip file with a certain directory structure), and search which ones contains the string (you can use grep in Linux/Mac or find in Windows).

If you do found out which are the offending app, please post it here to save other people from the hassle.

  • Never saw it again, must have been a debug message someone left in, an update probably fixed it. Didn't catch the app I'm afraid – Ben Brocka Dec 23 '11 at 6:21

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