I downloaded ES file manager and created a .nomedia file so that my whatsapp images wouldn't automatically download into my gallery. But that sends ALL whatsapp images to a hiding spot. Ideally, I want to select the images I want from whatsapp and have those seen in my gallery. It seems there's no middle ground or way to do that. So, if I have to choose, I'd rather all media automatically go to my gallery and I'll delete the images I don't want. But I cannot figure out how to undo the "damage". I finally located and "unhid" the .nomedia file... but I can't seem to send my pics back to the gallery or make them automatically go there. Please help.

  • Have you deleted the .nomedia file, then rebooted the device? Jan 30 '17 at 20:51

If all your WhatsApp images are located in the same directory, then I have to say that there doesn't exist a 'middle' solution.
If those images lie in different directories (it's OK even if the directories are nested, i.e. one contains others), you can create .nomedia for them separately.
Please that the 'effective range' of a .nomedia is the folder it is located in and all the subfolders under it. So if the directories are nested too complexly, the solution may not be very satisfactory.

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