I had a question about Snapchat. I know that you can't have xposed framework installed, but are you allowed to have use it with Magisk? I use it for Xposed but I haven't had xposed installed recently and I still can't get Snapchat to log me in. This has been happening for a week. Should I uninstall magisk and the app? Is Snapchat possibly blocking Magisk Manager?

  • Snapchat has moved to the SafetyNet API... It verifies elements of you device against a known good footprint, very difficult to circumvent especially since the it auto updates and it's database is online. – acejavelin Feb 3 '17 at 11:49

Already did all of that in still not working I mean I could hear him but I could barely hear on it's like somewhere whatever settings not turned up how do I check on my settings for my sound I guess

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