I have a xiamoi mi5 which is hosting a mobile hotspot, and a laptop which is connected to this hotspot.

  • On the android device, I cannot connect to the internet. Most Apps see that I am offline.
  • Interestingly speedtest, whatsapp, facebook and playstore have internet access
  • On the laptop everything is fine.

I made sure I didn't have incorrect APN settings, and the one I have match the official.

How can I get full internet connectivity on my mobile?


The issue is due to the sim card loading two APN entries, one marked by the phone as "MMS" and the other marked "General" . After deleting the MMS APN entry, all phone applications now have full internet connectivity.

Personally I cannot explain the source of this confusion.

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  • Loading MMS APN is normal behaviour, but why would apps use it instead of the normal one? In the APN list, do you have selection markers alongside the APN entries? Is the General one selected? – Andy Yan Feb 3 '17 at 11:19

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