I have seen many recent reviews (2017) in Google Play Store with the name "A Google user" and I'd like to know how one can do that. I've read some possibilities, but they were written in 2012 and now you can't do it anymore due to changes in G services. Is it possible to do without creating a dummy user?


Edit: As of August 2016, it is no longer required to have a Google Plus Profile to leave a comment in Google Play Store.

However, it would still require great sacrifices to comment anonymously in Google Play Store as you have to remove your Google+ Profile and as long as you create one again, all your "previously anonymous" comments will immediately be linked back to your new G+ profile.


Due to Google's requirement since November 2012, a Google+ profile is required to leave comments under contents from Google Play Store, as is discussed here. All those comments from anonymous users without a Google+ Profile are left before Nov, 2012.

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