Is there an app of some sorts that would allow me to install a program on my PC and a application on my Android phone that will check what my PC's Public IP address is and send that information to my Android phone?

I'm doing this to avoid having to buy a DDNS beacause in my country it is on the expensive side... :/

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if by "Information" you mean data or files , you can install X-Plore app and make a wireless wifi server on your phone , then opening a browser on your pc. if the two devices are in the same network , use the IP address given in android app and type it in your browser and your phone and PC are connected and you can upload or download data.

as for the IP address , you can open a CMD or Powershell in windows and use the "ipconfig" command and get the information about your PCs ip adress.

  • But im nit interested in my IPv4 adress( local adress), im looking for a way to see my PC's public IP adress from my smartphone... – mike6715b Feb 7 '17 at 8:02
  • DDNS is not the answer im looking for... – mike6715b Feb 7 '17 at 8:02

It is unlikely that you will find a way to do this without a third party (a home server with fixed IP, or a third party service) because any queries your Android phone send to the computer will require that the computer's IP address be known in order to connect. The only way I'm aware of to circumvent this is by having both connect to a server at a fixed IP address. If you give us an example of what you might use it for we will be better able to help you.


Running this in powershell will send a simple query to a site that returns your public IP.

It's then caught in the $public_ip var, so you can do whatever you like..

$public_ip = Invoke-RestMethod http://ipinfo.io/json | Select -exp ip

As for sending it to your phone, did you have a receiver technology / simple web service to pass it to? or are you just thinking of emailing to yourself etc..

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