I have a LG G3 S (LG G3 Beat / D722) and recently I changed my ROM to Lineage OS 14.1. To achieve this, I followed this steps:

  1. I rooted device with kingoroot
  2. I installed twrp recovery
  3. I downloaded lineage and flash it with twrp from an SDCard
  4. All goes ok except for:

    a) Although I can connect through cellular network, I can not connect through wifi. Strange thing is that the phone is able to detect surrounding wifi networks but when connecting it says "connecting" for a while and then just "saved". I can then click as many times as I want but it does not connect (no, the password is not wrong, I tried on several networks). I noticed that in wifi menu MAC Address and IP are not detected (MAC Address is displayed as 00:00:00:00 (bunch of zeros) and IP address returns "unavailable")

    b) When trying to connect to play store with cellular network it says "no response from servers". I think it might be related with MAC Address unavailability...

  5. I thought it could be because I was trying nougat, which is still very fresh. However, I tried android 6.0 (with Resurrection Remix) and happened exactly the same.

Any thoughts, please?

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It is quite possible the problem to be coming from the kernel, but you are free to try and set a mac address. If you are rooted you can install Xposed framework and try "id changer xposed". If it doesn't help you can make a full nandroid backup so you don't loose any data and try flashing different roms and kernels and see if the same problem still exists.


I have same problem but solve it with following instruction:

You can solve this problem with this: go to:

"setting->wifi->advanced->Wi-Fi region code"

Then change it to Europe or anything will work.
Like below image:
enter image description here


I'd try to first check your repeater/router DHCP.

  1. Most important tip: Put a static address for your phone (that should fix DHCP issues)
  2. Try different Wi-fi broadcasting channel
  3. Wifi advanced > try different Region code

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