When you start an Android device there is an animation showed, usually android, but sometimes the manufacturers logo. Where is this animation stored ? I have looked in the boot.img, but can't see it there.


The boot animation is normally located in /system/media under the name bootanimation.zip. This is a zip file containing one or more directories named part0, part1, part2 and so on, and a text file named desc.txt. The directories each contain a number of still images, jpeg or png, sequentially numbered, for example 0001.png, 0002.png, 0003.png and so on. The text file is a simple description of the properties, such as how many times to loop each directory, the pixel size of the images and the framerate. Like this:

width height framerate
p loop pause directory

For example
1080 1920 20
p 1 0 part0
p 0 0 part1

0 for loop means that it loops until the boot process is complete, and the pause is specified in number of frames, so with a framerate of 20 a pause of 1 would mean 0.05 seconds pause before moving on to the next loop or the next part.

Some manufacturers may use a proprietary file format, which may or may not have a different name than bootanimation.zip, so make sure that your current file uses the above format before replacing it with a custom one. If the boot animation is corrupted, the phone may boot loop or simply ignore the animation.

The file should be owned by root:root and have permissions set to 644 (rw-r--r--). It must not be compressed.


The boot animation is located at

/(Home directory) > System > Media > ... (for me it's bootanimation.zip)

And of course you need a file explorer and a rooted phone I guess.

  • A ROOT is required to perform this task.
  • Use any file explorer application such as ES File Explorer, with root access.
  • Go to Root directory of internal / system / media. You can see a file named bootanimation.zip, which is the one that loaded during boot.

Extracting the zip, may displays with multiple folders named as part0, part1, part2,.. and desc.txt

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