I installed Android Studio with Android SDK from the offical web-site, created a new sample project, didn't change or delete even a line, but the project doesn't work anyway.

D:\AndSDK\tools\emulator.exe -netdelay none -netspeed full -avd Nexus_5X_API_22
Hax is enabled
init: Could not find wglGetExtensionsStringARB!
getGLES2ExtensionString: Could not find GLES 2.x config!
Hax ram_size 0x60000000
Failed to obtain GLES 2.x extensions string!
HAX is working and emulator runs in fast virt mode.
Could not initialize emulated framebuffer
audio: Failed to create voice `goldfish_audio_in'
qemu-system-i386.exe: warning: opening audio input failed
emulator: Listening for console connections on port: 5554
emulator: Serial number of this emulator (for ADB): emulator-5554
emulator: ERROR: Could not initialize OpenglES emulation, use '-gpu off' to disable it.

02/11 16:19:14: Launching app
Error while waiting for device: The emulator process for AVD Nexus_5X_API_22 was killed.

What can be wrong and how to fix it?


emulator: ERROR: Could not initialize OpenglES emulation, use '-gpu off' to disable it.

The emulator wasn't able to use OpenGL ES emulation on your PC. As the message says, you can disable it using the command-line, or by turning off the "Use Host GPU" option in the emulator's settings dialog, but then the emulator will be very slow. It would be better to run your app on a real phone.

  1. Go to: Tools > Android > AVD Manager
  2. Press the "edit" (pencil) icon next to your AVD
  3. Change "Graphics" to "Software".

The same happened to me, in other places I read that is a problem with the library shipped with the SDK.

The following line worked for me

$ android-sdk/tools/emulator -avd Nexus_5_API_27 -use-system-libs

Now you can see the device from Android Studio and connect to it. Probably exists an option inside the AVD configuration to fix this.


This is what worked for me: Go to Tools> AVD Manager > Click on downward arrow beside your emulator > Wipe data It will confirm if you want to wipe data, say yes in that case.


The-emulator-process-for-avd-nexus-5x-api-22-was-killed???? simple change "Nexus5XApi22" to "Nexus" problem solved.

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    I'm curious why changing the AVD name will fix the issue about OpenGL ES emulation? – Andrew T. Mar 8 at 10:52
  • I didn't know proper reasons but its working fine – monika lagwal Mar 10 at 15:32

Since the log also mentioned

audio: Failed to create voice 'goldfish_audio_in'

Check your Windows 10's Privacy settings > Microphone. If it is disabled, enable it.

  • Are you saying enabling microphone prevents Emulator process from being killed? How did you reach this conclusion? – Firelord May 3 at 5:34
  • i was referring to this. audio: Failed to create voice goldfish_audio_in' I had the same error with this,. – jepm May 5 at 23:19

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