I want to extract or copy every detail that .apk contain, like for example extracting data from whatsapp.apk or linked-in.apk or twitter.apk.

Please note that I dont want to extract my personal data from any installed app on my phone instead I want extract the data and images which the app developer had added while making the app.


The easiest way to extract an apk

-Install ES File Explorer -Use backup function to backup any app you want to extract -Go to backups/apps/example.apk -Long press on that apk and tap on three-dot menu and choose "Extract Here" -Done

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As suggested earlier, Apktool is a good option,


(For Linux and Mac OS the files and installation instructions are also available: Installation for Apktool)


Copy the apktool.bat and apktool.jar files to a folder preferably with no spaces eg inside the C:\ directory. (e.g C:\Apktool)

  1. Open command prompt by pressing shift and right click simultaneously.

  2. In the command prompt type apktool d [apkname.apk] (e.g apktool d WhatsApp)

  3. Find the extracted apk in the folder with the apk name (in this case (C:\Apktool\WhatsApp)

  4. You can now browse through the folder to find all resources of the app e.g manifest.xml and PNG images in res folder or doing a search.


Apktool a tool for reverse engineering

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