I'm using Android in a virtual machine while the host is Ubuntu 16.10.

I've followed this tutorial here: http://www.linux.org/threads/android-4-4-kitkat-in-virtualbox.7175/

and everything is working great. Except I can't get any sound.

My config:

  • VirtualBox Version 5.1.6_Ubuntu r110634
  • Guest: android-x86-4.4-RC2 (KitKat)
  • Host: Ubuntu 16.10 64bits

Settings for the Virtual machine:

  • settings > audio > Host: ALSA Audio Driver

  • settings > audio > Audio Controller: SoundBlaster 16.

I've tried to use as settings in "Host": PulseAudio, and in "Audio controller" Intel HD Audio or ICH AC97, but for the same result.


I found the solution by upgrading my config:

  • VirtualBox Version 5.1.14 r112924 (Qt5.6.1)
  • Android 6.0.1

with settings > audio:

  • ALSA Audio driver
  • ICH AC97
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