Even after muting the chats, WhatsApp still highlights and counts the number of unread messages in an already muted chat. enter image description here

As you can see, there are unread in app notifications still there even the chats are muted.

I have a rooted device running Lineage OS 14.1 (Motorola's Moto G4 Plus).

Please don't mark this answer as duplicate, as the other thread's answers are not working for me.

ShutApp is not working for me (Android 7.1.1). Someone on ShutApp's website pointed that it doesn't work on Marshmallow too.

This is ShutApp's link:-


  • So, those answers are not working for you. Still doesn't deserve another question on the same topic. You can bring the original question to the further attention by upvoting, adding a bounty, editing to include your concerns, etc. – wbogacz Feb 13 '17 at 13:33
  • @wbogacz Okay sorry. Didn't know that. – Reeshabh Ranjan Feb 14 '17 at 10:21

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