I had some apps installed on my Sony Xperia Z external SD Card.

Now the SD card is damaged for some reason, and my mobile won't show those apps. Instead of each app icon, I get a green Droid icon with a little red sd-card icon on its top left corner. Obviously meaning that those apps are missing and can not be loaded from SD Card.

Is there a way to get a list of those apps, so that I would re-install them from Play Store? Even groupId would be enough (e.g. com.example.foe) and I will do the search manually to figure out all those missing apps.


  • adb shell cd /system/data pm list packages (should work) or cd /system/app pm list packages
    – esQmo_
    Feb 14 '17 at 17:01
  • Thanks @esQmo but this lists only the installed apps. I think the apps on the SD card are not considered installed anymore. However the Sony launcher is able to fetch them somewhere from some resource. I wish to be able to get a list of those apps?
    – AMahdy
    Feb 14 '17 at 17:49
  • if an app installed on the SD card and it is removed, the app still appear on the app list and even on the desktop.
    – esQmo_
    Feb 14 '17 at 17:52
  • Appears on the desktop but not in the app list provided by that command :(
    – AMahdy
    Feb 14 '17 at 18:02
  • so you see have the app name you need?
    – esQmo_
    Feb 14 '17 at 18:31

Alright, found what I was looking for.

All apps that were stored in the SD card, are located inside this file:


Thanks for all contributed comments!

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