I have installed an app called "SCR Pro", it allows to record android screen as video with internal sound, or microphone, or mute. With youtube as example, it can record video with internal sound and without microphone (exterior sounds) WITHOUT problems. But with Paltalk or Join.me, when it begins to record, it fails to record the internal sound, it obligates me to continue recording as mute or it stopps. It says "Only one app can use microphone at a time. This is an Android system limitation. Close other app using the microphone (e.g. Google Now or Skype) or continue recording without audio".

I have Android 4.4.4 rooted, I tried to deactivate "Ok Google" service, and I have no Skype App in device, but it still not recording internal sound ONLY with Paltalk or Join.me.

How to bypass this restriction on microphone use in Android?

Thanks for any help!

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