For example, Pokemon Go 0.57.2 was available on apkmirror.com for 4, 5 hours now, but still it is not on Google Play.

Is there any way to get it from official source sooner? I mostly trust apkmirror.com, but say, what if somebody hacked into apkmirror (which I assume will be less secure than Google Play Store) and target a country in the world and serve a modified apk, or target some IP, then it will be not secure.

  1. If you are taking about

Pokemon go

in specific. Just for your information, app is still available in playstore. Don't know from which country you are in. I'm in India. And I can find Pokemon Go in playstore

Below Link Pokemon Go Playstore

  1. If you talking about any playstore apps, I don't think there is any way you can download it apart from source(playstore). If any website found which allows to download apks . I would warn you not download it and install. Those might be injected and can cause harm to ur details and your contents in your devices.

Note: there are some apps in Google Playstore that can slow down and bring harm.

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Google has two mechanism that may be responsible for your observation:

  1. A app developer can publish new apps only to a certain percentage of the users. In case of errors in the new app version the support is not taken down by a DDOS of all the users having problems.

  2. Google allows to start beta-tests with closed groups (hand-picked) that get access to new versions while the rest of the users only get access to the previous version. May be the version uploaded to apkmirror is such a version.

In both cases you can do nothing to receive the update earlier.

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