I would like to search my past text messages. I often forget which person I was talking to about the different issues and global search is helpful. Here is a picture of the equivalent functionality on the iPhone.

iOS search text messages

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Not sure if you are looking for this functionality in the default message app. If not ChompSMS is an option. This app seems to provide this function.

ChompSMS search example


This SMS Organizer app has advanced search capabitilies.

It can search for any keyword, in the message content and also in the sender's name.

enter image description here

While you can search for all the messages in the "All Conversations" view, you can also arrange messages into folders, which can make searching and locating sms-es a lot easier.

For example, you can create a folder for all messages from a particular contact, so later you have to search in only that folder.

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