I tested my speed with ookla. I also have a speed counter on my status bar (enabled using GravityBox). Both of them show different results. I tried another speed test site as well, an it shows another result. Can anyone explain whats going on and which one to trust?

Screenshot (click to enlarge)

  • I don't see a problem here - 1MB/s = 8Mbps. – Andy Yan Feb 17 '17 at 2:59
  • Oh, so thats whats its all about... thanks for clearing that you! – The Light Spark Feb 17 '17 at 3:12
  • I'm moving that to a proper answer. – Andy Yan Feb 17 '17 at 3:40

It's the difference of byte VS bit at play here - 1MB/s (byte) = 8Mbps (bit). The 2 speeds displayed match well.

As for different speed testing sites showing varying results: obviously they use different servers, bearing different route and latency. Speedtest (the one you're using) chooses the best based on ping, but not necessarily every site does.

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