I want to redirect all incoming traffic in my android shared hotspot to my local webserver (, so if anybody connected to me put any url like "www.google.com" will automatically be redirect to "", I do have root access, what should I do to accomplish this?

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What you are talking about is called session hijacking.

There is a penetration testing suite called D-sploit that can do the feature you are requesting about. You can search dsploit apk files on the internet as they are no longer updated.

Recently, Dsploit has merged with Zanti, you can try any of these.

  • Keep in mind that these are just for analysing security issues of your network, but involving in a fraudulent activity with other users will make you liable for your actions, so use wisely.

What you are talking about is called captive portal. On android this can be done by loading our own configuration file for dnsmasq. I made an a minimal UI app for this purpose. You can find it on XDA : https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/general/guide-setup-fake-captive-portal-android-t4011689 If you are android developer, please help us to improve the app.

And also this app requires root permission.

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