• I have a Yarvik TAB10-201. The default launcher is corrupted.
    • I can get the tablet onto the recovery screen (Dead Android with red exclamation mark).
    • I can't bring up the options menu without volume up and down keys.
    • I can see the device in Android Multi Tool, but when doing wipe data, it just restarts back into recovery mode.
    • Rockchip does not detect the device for rooting as I can't hold volume up on boot.
    • I can see the device running ADB devices (shows as recovery status).
    • ADB reboot bootloader just turns the device off.
    • fastboot devices returns no devices.
    • I have the default ROM for the Yarvik tablet, but unsure how to flash if fastboot is not locating the device.

What other options do I have to recover? I am happy to root or recover. I can't access the OS at all, on boot it just throws errors regarding the launcher.


Thanks to esQmo for helping me look for a solution.

Turns out it was a Windows 8 problem, I switched to a different PC using Windows 7 and had no problems with RKBatchTool. For some reason even with correct drivers installed that worked when the tablet was plugged in, when the tablet was in Flash Mode Windows 8 had problems with the USB drivers.

For anyone that comes across this question.

I got the stock Firmware for Yarvik TAB10-201 from here.

I used RKBatchTool 1.7 and the RKB Driver Assistant for the drivers.

  • You can also use an OTG Keyboard... I had similar problems with my rockchip tablet Feb 20 '17 at 3:18

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