Device : OnePlus 2

OS : OOS 3.5.6 on android 6.0.1

I tried to install nethunter many times, unlocked phone, rooted and install modified super su for oneplus 2, flashed overlay-rom nethunter, everything is ok except that the nethunter terminal is just crash and shutdown with no error when i try to start it, i even tried to wipe system clean and try over, but it still same, also installed different terminals but chroot can't find it,

Installed using the guide :

  1. git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/offensive-security/kali-nethunter

  2. cd kali-nethunter/nethunter-installer

  3. ./bootstrap.sh ( Type N for Experimental Devices and Type N again when prompted to download full Download History)

  4. python build.py -d oneplus2 -m -nosu -fs full then flashed the zip file created.!

after that flashed the kernel from the main site " https://build.nethunter.com/nightly/3.15.4-20170211-0304/"


Make sure you are flashing your phone with oxygenos 4.0.2 as it is the version the nethunter kernel is based on. I had the same issue until I realised. I'm using the 3t and slowly working through small issues I've found but as a whole it works great. Any more questions just ask

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