Yesterday my Nexus 5x froze and started bootlooping, it did start twice since yesterday but only for a couple of minutes. I tried going into the recovery mode, but as soon as I click the power button to enter the recovery mode, it goes back to bootloop. Also tried going into safe mode once, but that didn't help.

I have already tried flashing the device with the Nexus root toolkit, but the problem still exists.


I had the same problem today. I tried multiple times to

  • re-flash TWRP
  • flash older versions of TWRP
  • flash older versions of the factory image (without the internal storage part)
  • flash the latest factory image (without the internal storage part)

Nothing changed, but this procedure worked for me (only once):

  1. Start the phone in fastboot mode
  2. On the PC, rename latest TWRP in recovery.img (I think it isn't required, but that's what I did)
  3. On the PC

    fastboot boot recovery.img

I backed up everything I needed from the internal storage (via adb) and then rebooted the phone.

I was expecting to do a full wipe, but everything started as usual.

EDIT: Sadly this procedure works every now and then. I noticed that leaving the phone boot loop, for example during the night, brings it back to a bootable state, but if you reboot the device the boot loop sequence starts again.


TechTimes reports that:

LG is currently unable to repair Nexus 5X smartphones affected by a so-called "bootloop" malfunction, so it's issuing full refunds to make up for it.

so I don't think there's anything you can do to fix it.


Try to use adb from pc, with the prompt commands

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