My phone (Lenovo s60) got off while I was restoring it, and now I can’t even turn it on. Only a red light is flashing when connected to charger and it can’t be connected to computer, there are no drivers matching to connect the device with pc, later I found a driver named Qualcomm to connect the device and it connect the device with the computer but I can’t do anything else. Please help me to restore my device

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You can try the following method. This is the convectional way of installing/upgrading firmware on most android devices:

  • Download official firmware (correct version) preferably on PC. Extract the download you should see a sdfuse folder

Depending on contents of the compressed file you may not find the sdfuse folder, in this case;

  • create a folder in your external sdcard and rename it as sdfuse

  • extract firmware zip and copy qsb firmware "the file vit extension .qsb" to sdfuse folder or it may have the .inb extension.

    • You will need to transfer sdfuse folder preferably using a micro sd card Adapter or card reader from the PC to the phone.

    • Make sure phone is off completely. Then press and HOLD the POWER+VOLUME DOWN buttons simultaneously until the service menu appears.

    • Using your Vol+/Vol- buttons navigate to sd update and the installation should begin. Follow the instructions carefully to successfully re-install the firmware.

(Your phone must have at least 50-80% of battery charged )


  1. Lenovo S60-A Flash File (Stock ROM) zip

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