I've a wileyfox swift (crackling) and I've installed LineageOS 14.1-20170213-NIGHTLY-cracking + GApps through TWRP 3.0.3.

The problem is that when I try to update it through the UI or manually (downloading the .zip file from https://download.lineageos.org/ and installing it from the recovery) TWRP returns an error (status error 7).

I tried to downgrade TWRP to the 3.0.0 version but nothing changed.

How can I update my phone without wipe everything?

  • lineageos feb 20 build has error 7 on most devices, today's build also had same error(feb 27), but solved by a image file called boot.img by nightly developer. you don't need to downgrade twrp. Flash the best build, until the problem solved. – Rahul Gopi Feb 27 '17 at 16:05

The last update is ok. Now the sysem is updated and everything works. I think it's magic or someone has made an error

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