please need help me on this. i have saved my passwords for some webpages in andriod browser (defult browswer). when ever i need, i just open the page and am already signed in. somehow, something have happed, now it asks me for the password which i forgot. my phone is always locked and no one else can possibly open it. so i don't know what happened exactly and why. i can't choose to click the password recovery/forgot password, as i used a college email address and now is blocked/deleted. i will really really appreicate any tips or adivce on this. ready to do any thing with the phone, root and all. just please let me know what to do. i read some reviews about rooting and then recovering the passwords from webview.db from /data/data/com.android.browser, but, this folder is embty. not sure where to locate webview.db, does it show up only after rooting? i have a 5.1 android device.


Android browser should automatically back up any passwords on your Google account (the college email, but signed in on Google). The first step I'd try to recover your google account.

Hopefully you had some alternative contact methods (secondary email, registered phone number, chosen account trustee etc). These allow you (sometimes) bypass password entry provided you answer any questions accurately enough.

In my last use of the recovery option asked me previous Google purchases and significant email communications and it let me in after 24 hours.

Beyond this I am unsure if rooting your device will be successful as major parts of the OS are

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