I visited a website yesterday. Today, a notification popups every time my mobile phone is rebooted, showing me that website (it is grouped under "Social digest"). However, when I click on that notification, it only takes me to Chrome but not to that website.

How to permanently remove this notification?

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  • Please provide screenshots, Android version, device name and the link to the website. – Firelord Feb 27 '17 at 19:05
  • "It is grouped under 'Social digest'" I couldn't find any references on the internet if Chrome shows social digest notification instead of individual site's push notification (unless "Social Digest" is the site's name...). It might be another's app notification (or ads/malware) that redirects to the default browser instead. But considering you already accepted an answer for turning off Chrome's notification, then I guess that's not the case for you... – Andrew T. May 3 at 15:35

Open Chrome → Settings → Site settings (under "Advanced") → Notifications and click on it.

The following screen will appear

Per-site notification setting on Chrome

If you turn off the Notifications slider, you will not get any notification from Chrome at all (from sites).

To turn off for a particular site, click on Allowed → [URL of the site] → Notifications (under "Permission") → change "Allow" to "Block".


If you go to the "More info" section of the Chrome app (Android's Settings > Application Manager > Chrome), uncheck "Show notifications". This will turn off all notifications for Chrome.

  • In the "Settings", I have "Basics" and "Advanced". In the "Basics", I have "Search engine", "Auto-fill forms" and "Save passwords". In the "Advanced", I have "Privacy", "Accessibility", "Site settings", "Date saver" and "About Chrome". I cannot find "application manager". – lanselibai Feb 28 '17 at 9:38

If you want to delete notifications for specific sites in the list. You have to manage in storage of application by going Android's Settings > Apps > Chrome > Storage > Manage Space > Manage.

From there, select the domain URLs that you do not want individually, which will show its "Site settings", then select the trash can next to "Usage" and select "Clear all".

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