I need HBOOT 2.16 to flash my preferred ROM on a HTC One S.

I can't figure out where to download the firmware itself. The only page I've found which even vaguely resembles clear instructions is this one but the download link for the firmware is broken. The other pages I've seen present a very muddled picture and no links through which to download the actual firmware.

I have a rooted device, S-OFF, super CID 11111111, formerly H3G__001 I believe.

I'm going round in circles trying to figure this out. How do I upgrade my firmware?

  • Situation seems bad. Do you have the S3 or S4 variant? AndroidRUU lists the latest 3.16.x firmwares which contain HBOOT 2.15.
    – Andy Yan
    Mar 1, 2017 at 2:02

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Assuming you have an S4 variant.

Check this XDA-Developers thread out - latest official (but unofficially obtained) firmware at version 4.05.401.1, with HBOOT 2.16. Link is hosted on AFH and is pretty good in quality.

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