From http://soundexpert.org/news/-/blogs/bluetooth-audio-quality-a2dp, and How do I determine which A2DP codecs my phone supports/is currently using?, I can see that when I listen to bluetooth audio from my phone to my car, I am getting sbc with these parameters:

Middle Quality Joint Stereo Samp Freq 44.1 kHz Bitpool value 35 Resulting Frame length 83 bytes Resulting bit rate 229 kb/s Block length 16 Allocation method = Loudness Subbands 8

Can someone share an equation of how these parameters relate to each other? Does any sbc at 44.1 KHz and bitrate 229 kb/s have to have bitpool = 35 and frame length 83 bytes?


OK, I found my answer:

Direct link: https://www.bluetooth.org/DocMan/handlers/DownloadDoc.ashx?doc_id=303201

Alternative: https://www.bluetooth.com/specifications/adopted-specifications and search for a2dp

The equations are in section 12.9.

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