I have a 10 inch Nexus tablet that I like to carry around while traveling. I can also connect it to a bluetooth keyboard, and this almost allows me to do everything a laptop can, but there are some major annoyances.

For example, I want to do web development while traveling. I can SSH into a remote server and edit the code there, and open the page on the Chrome app. However, Android only lets me have one app open at a time, so whenever I need to switch between two documents, it's very inefficient since I'm constantly closing and re-opening my apps.

I would like to use my Nexus 10 as my primary computer for working. How can my multitasking experience be improved?

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Android 7.x Nougat officially introduces multi-window. With this feature you can now run 2 apps side-by-side and drag the black interpolation bar to adjust the window size (3 tiers available).

enter image description here

With the aid of Taskbar things get even better - with proper settings you get Windows-like task bar and resizable, movable multi-windows.

enter image description here

Ultimately though, without the ability to natively open multiple instances of one app, document abilities will be crippled to an extent. Wired video output is also absent, making presentation difficult, though if you have Miracast-compatible devices this isn't much of a problem.

Get started loading your Nexus 10 with Nougat-based custom ROMs by visiting XDA-Developers.

Do note that, due to the age of the tablet, Nougat won't run very snappily and you can't expect to multitask heavily.

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