I have had my WhatsApp account backed up to my personal Google drive account, taking up a total space of 841 MB. I now have access to a Drive account with more space, and I'd like to switch backup to there. I tried changing the settings on the phone to backup to the new account, but i only get 549 MB there.
Why would the two backups be so different? I'd like to delete the original one to free up space, but not if it means losing data. Thanks

  • What kind of phone do you have? Even with an SD card, I've never heard of a phone that could handle more than 256 GB. – Harlemme Mar 6 '17 at 5:35
  • I was referring to the size of the backup on Google Drive. And that was a typo! I meant MB! (Although I would love a phone with that size internal memory!) – binyamingavriel Mar 7 '17 at 18:20

Whatsapp store last 7 backups.

You can see it by checking your file manager -> Whatsapp -> databases and there, you can see almost 7 files.

The size of files vary from each day.

Since you are changed your google account, the last backup file only be stored in G Drive and previous backups will not uploaded there.

So, after 7 days, you can see that the size in G Drive becoming 841 MB.


I've got a bit of experience in this.. and know exactly how it feels to lose chats.. This method will consume a little data but it's safe..

  1. In whatsapp backup the chats again to save the latest ones.. (twice to be sure)
  2. Open file manager copy the whatsapp folder somewhere else (as a backup in case you messed anything up). Now you have 2 copies of Whatsapp folder.
  3. Go to settings --> Apps --> Whatsapp --> Storage --> Clear data.
  4. Log in to your whatsapp account now (make sure it asks about the GDrive thing. accept it)
  5. Restore the chats from the same(old) account. (This because sometimes there is some syncing problem.. the difference in size might be because of this)
  6. After the backing up is done.. go to settings change the google account there and tap backup..

Hope it helps.. Comment if you have any doubt

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