I just replace the screen+lcd on my nexus 6p and the compass stopped working (this is not just a calibration issue, it looks like the compass chip is dead).

I think that I might have damaged the compass chip while replacing the screen. Do you know where the chip inside the phone so I can check? I looked online for circuit labels, but could not find anything regarding the location of the compass. I hope it's not just embedded in the motherboard.

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    I think its part of the GPS?
    – Dan Brown
    Mar 7 '17 at 17:19
  • that's weird because my gps works, but not the compass :S
    – dval
    Mar 7 '17 at 19:36
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    The compass in my phone has been broken for years without too much of an effect on the phone's usability, just so you know.
    – Ethan Z
    Mar 8 '17 at 3:31
  • Ah, ok pipo, I'll look around.
    – Dan Brown
    Mar 8 '17 at 7:23

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