I installed LineageOS on my S7 Edge and after I started it, it keeps saying "com.android.phone has stopped" after I removed my SIM-Card it said "Google Services Framework keeps stopping" and it goes in a bootloop after 2-3 min. with no input.


try wiping dalvik cache, re-flashing the rom and the GPApps. that is how i have fixed this issue in the past on my nexus 6. if that dose not fix it wipe all data and cache in twrp then re-flash rom and GPApps

  • already did that several times, doesn't work – Cyclom Mar 10 '17 at 23:13
  • Could be the GPApps your using try downloading a different one and flashing that – Evan Mar 12 '17 at 13:57

I had to delete internal storage from recovery, wiped dalvik and rebooted to system...


In my case, wiping Dalvik, cache, system, data and internal storage with TWRP did NOT solve my problem.
Eventually I had to use "Format Data". I guess this is some sort of a "nuclear option". You actually have to type in "yes" to confirm you really want to do it.
The problem was solved as a result.

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