I have added a new viber contact, but it (correctly) displays the contact with the name I've used in my contact book. Nevertheless, I want to view my contact's "public" name, the one that my contact has chosen to "advertise". It's the username you set up when creating a new viber account. How can I see this?

My contact has been able to see my "public" name, I assume before saving my phone number in their own contact book, so it is definitely advertised.

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It goes when you delete the contact off your local contact list and then you intend to add it thru your Viber(tested on iOS and Android).

How I did it:

  1. Fount a contact number that I wanted to see his/her name
  2. Remover it off my local contact list
  3. Opened Viber and Navigated to More, followed by Add Contact
  4. Entered the contact number and pressed Done (on iOS) Please note that it does not add the contact, nor it notifies the recipient anyhow of the resonance of it's public name.

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