So I've got a problem with Google Play services where it's stuck in an arm64-v8a architecture while my phone's is armeabi-v7a. It happened when I tried installing a beta version of Google Play Services 10.5.35 for arm/arm64 (XYZ=448). I quickly received the error about an incorrect architecture for my phone (Alcatel Pixi 4, android 6.0. I have a 16GB SD card formatted as internal storage. Google Play Services is built into the phone).

I've tried installing other apks which should work (438/430, beta and non-beta) but they simply gave the error "App not installed" when I did. I've tried uninstalling Google Play Services' updates but couldn't find the option to do so (or at least, it's not where it should be according to some websites). I've performed a factory reset (without restoring a backup). I've tried using Apk Installer.

Still, nothing has worked and the error remains. I need some way to get Google Play Services to the latest version, preferably beta. Also, I'd really like to avoid rooting my phone. I'd be so grateful for any help!

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Amazing! The whole thing just fixed itself after an update via the Play Store! I'm so glad it actually got fixed! I guess to anyone with a similar issue, this should be good to know. Altough it's a shame I could only wait for this to happen, maybe there's some way to speed up this process.

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