I Recently Received a LG L35G Smart Phone From Budget Mobile, They Are a Free Lifeline Cell Phone Provider, This LG L35G didn't include a Micro SD Card when I got it, so I eventually Purchased a 32GB Micro SD Card for it, I Can't Find How To Have Anything But Photo's & Videos use the SD Card for Storage, any advice on How to Move any of the Installed Applications To my new 32 GB Micro SD Card Would be Greatly Appreciated. I am rather upset with Budget Mobile since when I asked them How to Move the Installed Apps to my new Micro SD Card all they have to say is we don't recommend users to attempt Moving any of our Installed Apps to any Manufacturers Micro SD Card. I then asked them about any Apps That would work well with this Smart Phone, their reply was We Don't Recommend Users Do Any Application Downloads into our Smart Phones Since Any Software Downloaded Has The Chance of Being Infected With a Virus, So we simply say don't do it. They Recommend I Stay Happy With These Ancient Programs That They Installed on this Smart Phone, Since any New Software Might Corrupt Their Factory Programming, the Browser that came with it is to old to use, and won't update, and all the other Apps that were Factory Installed are so outdated it isn't even funny, this is my very 1st Smart Phone and the Apps It has installed by Budget Mobile are all to old to Function to use with anything and will not update, even the Google Play Store App isn't capable of Functioning or Upgrading, I do admit I am paying absolutely $0.00 per month and It will allow me to send Texts as long as I keep them Brief and I don't attempt to use any Emoticons, as far as long texts it switches to them being a Multimedia Text and Refuses to allow them to send, and when anyone has Tried sending me a Text with any Emoticons other than the basic Smiley Face the Phone becomes Confused and puts tons of gibberish in place of the Emoticons, and when my Brother Tried Sending Me his & his Wives Halloween Costume Photo again the Text arrived without any actual Text he had Written, and several screens of gibberish in place of the Photo, I don't know what to do with this extremely thin Brick, since it isn't even useful as an anchor for a paper boat, if anyone has any experience getting Budget Mobile to assist them in Upgrading these worthless apps that came factory installed, please Advise me on how I can get them to act like actual Human Beings, since their standard answer for me is DON'T Do That or Anything, I even Had One Of Them Tell Me To Be Happy It's Camera Actually Works since they generally aren't a priority for them to have them function.

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    Sorry, Danny, but that's a massive wall of text nobody will read (lacks formatting). And we cannot help you managing the support staff of some company anyway. – Izzy Mar 16 '17 at 21:59

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