I would like to transfer my Firefox mobile bookmarks to my desktop and would prefer doing it without using Firefox sync or any cloud-based extension.

Is there a way to export Firefox for Android bookmarks to an HTML file?


As of 2019, Firefox for Android has no built-in support for exporting bookmarks.

However there are some workarounds/alternatives:

  1. According to the "Chosen Solution" on the Firefox Support Forum, use Firefox Sync for Android to transparently move bookmarks across devices.
  2. Find an add-on (like EverSync).
  3. If your phone is rooted, you can directly query your profile's database.

I do not have enough reputation to add a comment to Paul Benedict's answer hence I am forced to add this "comment" as an answer...

Paul's "Workaround/alternative 1" (which links to the "Chosen Solution" on the Firefox Support Forum) suggests using "Firefox Sync for Android" (and yes, I do realise that the OP explicitly requested a solution that does not involve using Firefox Sync). This will NOT work as desired, because although you can sync your mobile bookmarks over to desktop firefox, Desktop Firefox's "Export Bookmarks to HTML" does NOT "export mobile bookmarks when exporting as HTML" (note that bug is almost 3 years old now).

For anyone who do not object to using Firefox Sync, either:

  1. sync from android to desktop, then export to .json, or
  2. sync from android to desktop, copy or move your bookmarks from "Mobile Bookmarks" to "Other Bookmarks, and then "Export Bookmarks to HTML".


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