I can't start Chrome's cute endless T-rex running game from an Android tablet. On a PC, pressing Space starts the game while for an Android phone, I can just tap the dino to start it. But I can't figure out how to do the same on an Android tablet!

I've tried tapping, holding, swyping, and what not but the game doesn't start.

So, How do I start the T-rex game from an Android tablet?

  • I'm pretty sure you can connect a physical keyboard and press space to start it, but I don't have a keyboard to test it currently and so, I'd appreciate it if anyone could verify this and post an answer.
    – Spikatrix
    Mar 24 '17 at 14:07
  • are you sure , that youre running chrome's latest update?
    – SubZero
    Mar 24 '17 at 17:15
  • Yup. Version 56.0.2924.87 now and Play Store says its fully updated.
    – Spikatrix
    Mar 25 '17 at 0:41

One way to do this would be to install a third-party app called Hacker's Keyboard.

Then, enable the keyboard and set it as the current input method. Also, check the box against the 'Use permanent notification' setting under 'Input mode settings' in the Hacker's Keyboard settings.

Now, open Chrome and make the dino appear by, say, by enabling airplane mode and visiting any website. Tap on the permanent notification of Hacker's keyboard and press Space.

Voilà! The game will start. Press Space or (Up arrow key) to jump. Oh, and Enjoy! :-)

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